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About Me

Hi There 👋🏻 I’m Jon

I do lots of things! Software development (of many flavors), cycling, music (and audio tech), and traveling are the big ones! Here’s the quick rundown.

As far as my day-job goes, I’m currently a Software Engineer at Orange Barrel Media (which is awesome 😁) and work on the IKE Smart City project. We basically put huge iPads in sidewalks. I wrote about it here!

Outside of that, I co-operate a small web development group called SargeSites and primarily handle web performance and security. We make really cool websites that load insanely fast and utilize new technologies to stay secure.

I’m a bit of a cycling fanatic. Often called ‘Clyde’ by my close friends, I am indeed a Clydesdale Cyclist and will write about cycling often on this site. I’m well over a thousand miles for 2019 and while I love riding for the sake of riding (and the amazing beer community that accompanies cycling), I also ride for a cause. Check out my latest rides on Strava or call me up and let’s get some miles in! My current road machine is a Trek Madone 4.5 rockin a 46-tooth one-by on an 11x32.

I’m a musician and have been all my life. I’ve been playing drums off and on for close to 18 years, electric and acoustic guitar for 6 years, and have been singing since I was a young child. I typically play in the realms of country, gospel, blues, pop, rock, and ccm, but am always open to learning new things and rockin’ with new people. I run 100% Kemper! Here’s a track I recorded for fun back in college with way too many guitar solos 😉

I’m also a professional audio tech / audio engineer. While working on my Computer Science degree in school I was the director of a mid-size sound company in East-Central Ohio. I’ve built a number of audio rigs from the ground up and have been the head engineer for a number of multiple-thousand-person shows including T-Pain and Aaron Carter. I currently run all media and tech for a local church and train other local volunteers in how to operate live audio systems for their churches 🙂

I love traveling, especially if it means driving. Cycling has been a great means to drive all over the midwest for events but there’s just something so cool about getting around a culture that isn’t your own… and I think driving through corn fields is peaceful. To each their own!

That’s me ✌🏻