Orange Barrel Media HQ

I’m currently a Software Engineer at Orange Barrel Media, which is awesome 😁

I’m a member of a small team that has a great mix of personalities and stives to push the boundaries of what the modern web platform can achieve. We’re driving the IKE Smart City project, which “helps cities, business improvement districts, and destination marketing organizations communicate with the public, encourage a pedestrian-oriented environment and tell the story of their city.” As one of my teammates jokingly puts it, ‘we put giant iPads in sidewalks.’ I’ve always enjoyed that simplification 🤓

These kiosks are clever in their implementation, utilizing the physical kiosk only as an extremely small-footprint, fully-contained, web browser. The entirety of the application itself is a robust client-side React app. The major benefit of this architecture is that all updates and changes to the underlying data and properties (including all media assets) are shipped in real-time over the air. Further, the application utilizes significant on-board caching to ensure continued and seamless operation during even the worst potential service outage. You can learn more about IKE here.

I keep my life pretty busy.

Outside of working on IKE Smart City, I’m involved in quite a few things. I am actively pursuing a number of my passions and enjoy every moment of it. Below you’ll find some of the things I love!


I am deeply involved in music. I consider Music Performance to be the category of activities where I am personally and actively playing or performing music. That realm includes playing guitar, singing, recording, and occasional choral work. While some might say that I play too much guitar (and my neighbors may say that I play it too loud) I’d say that there’s just nothing better! I’m currently playing a great deal of Gospel, P&W, and some Blues throughout the Columbus, Ohio area. I am currently running 100% Kemper 🤘🏻

On the other end of the spectrum, Music Technology covers the facets of music that I’m passionate about but which do not require me to be the one actively creating noise. My passion for music technology is a wonderful middle ground between actively playing music and my never-ending desire to understand how everything works. After having directed a sound company for a few years, I now run technical operations and sound for a local church and personally operate a small live sound outfit for events as needed.



I ride my bike a lot. I like saying it that way because I still get the same joy out of cycling that a child does when they first learn to ride their bike around their neighborhood. To me is really is just “riding my bike.” The only difference is that as an adult I have the strength to ride longer distances! To date I’ve ridden well over a thousand miles and am looking forward to riding many more. One of my annual goals is to participate in one of the long Pelotonia routes, both to enjoy the ride and to raise money for a fantastic organization. You can find me on Strava (see adjacent widget) and on Zwift in the winter months. My current road machine is a Trek Madone 4.5, presently attached to a Wahoo KICKR Core until the sun comes out.



I love olympic weightlifting. I’ve been “oly” lifting since I entered high school at the fine age of thirteen. Having played football throughout high school in California then continuing in college at Denison, lifting has been a major part of my life for well over a decade. Soon after retiring my football pads, my CrossFit journey began. Having trained at a number of gyms throughout the midwest over the last five years, I currently call FitClub Columbus my home gym. My biggest struggle with CrossFit is attempting to balance the two very separate styles of training called for by olympic lifting and edurance cycling. I am team NOBULL.



I love technology. At the very core of all of the apps, the code, the internet, etc. I just love technology. The older analog stuff fascinates me just as much (maybe more) as brand new tech, but I like understanding how things operate regardless of what era they were created in. A friend of mine reminded me recently that even code (binary, at the lowest level) is just the representation of electricity either flowing or not. It’s amazing that we’ve been able to scaffold up the world we currently live in purely based on that concept. I love watching the industry’s incremental improvements and can’t wait to see where humanity will be in fifty years. Also AI is nowhere near scary yet people, calm down.

Other stuff!


This page has gotten long enough, but in no particular order, here’s a list of other things I’m very interested in and spend time doing/learning. I like cooking (though I’m learning patience with it), I’m a big advocate for Personal Finance education and enjoy the topic itself thoroughly, I’m very involved with my church (God’s Way Ministries International), I enjoy snow sports even though snowboarding is tough to learn, and I make it a priority to enjoy the work that I do.

That’s me!